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ACC 115 & 117/BFN 201: Accounting and Finance: Academic Studies

Research guide prepared for students in Prof. Claudia LaRocque's Accounting and Finance courses.

Understanding Scholarly Articles or Peer Review

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 What is the difference?

"Magazine" is often used to describe a popular periodical like Time or People. Magazines have many color photos and advertisements.

“Journal” is used to describe a scholarly periodical that is written by experts. Journal articles tend to be longer and provide extensive citations to additional research.

Here are some examples:

Peer-Reviewed Journals:
Journal of Finance
Journal of International Business Ethics
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Journal of Counseling Psychology
Literary Review

General or Popular Magazines:
Harvard Business Review
Science Today
Psychology Newsletter
Atlantic Monthly

Click here to access a more detailed comparison table or watch the video below.

Limiting Search Results to Scholarly Jounals

Examples of Peer-Reviewed Limiters

All research databases offer a way to limit search results to academic or peer-reviewed articles. Here are a few examples so you know what to look for.

MCC Search

Enter your search terms. When the results are displayed, you will see many options under "Tweak my results" to limit your results. The peer-reviewed limiter is found under the "Show Only" heading.

MCC Search - Peer-Review Limiter ex.

Damato Library Website Example

Select the "Research Databases" tab on the Library website. Enter your search terms and select the "Peer Reviewed" check box as shown.

Research Databases peer-reviewed limiter

ABI/INFORM (Proquest) Example

Peer-reviewed limited example - ABI/Inform