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K-Dramas: Supernatural/Fantasy/


One of the best dramas ever...certainly in 2017...

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

SWDBS was one of the most popular k-dramas in 2017 for a good reason. Park Bo Young is a certified talent and she had great chemistry with Park Hyun Sik. He was elevated to leading man status as a result of this role...Min Min couple!

Diary of a Night Watchmen

Jung Il-Woo plays the prodigal prince who has the ability to see ghosts. Fights to stop the resurrection of a dragon...

Masters Sun

Wish So Ji Sub would do more of my favorite Hong Sisters' dramas...

Secret Garden

Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won classic! HJW kicked butt as a stuntwoman... Funny gender switch.

Oh My Ghostess

Of course Park Bo Young's acting is wonderful as always. She stars here as a chef in trading who happens to see ghosts. Kim Seul Gi is the ghost who won't move on until she gets a chance to lose her virginity and PBY has to help her!

My Love From Another Star

A very popular romance fantasy about an alien who falls in love with a superstar. Immensely popular drama that aired in 2013/2014...

Midnight Diner

Late Night Restaurant is the Korean version of the Japanese program Midnight Diner...loved all the characters and their stories...