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Human Library @ MCC: Home

Human Library @ MCC

 Save the Date!

Wednesday, April 10 & Thursday, April 11 - 12:00 - 3:00pm

Raymond F. Damato Library 
Manchester Community College

The event is co-sponsored by the MCC Diversity Committee, Raymond F. Damato Library and MCC Cultural Programs Committee

What is The Human Library?

The Human Library is a concept created by Ronni Abergel, Dany Abergel, Christoffer Erichsen and Asma Mouna of the Danish youth organization Stop The Violence in 2000 and it is now operational on five continents. It is a library of human beings, individuals, that each represent a group in the community that are somehow exposed to stigma, prejudice and/or discrimination.The Human Library aims to establish a safe conversational space, where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and hopefully answered by the Human Book on loan.It was developed to challenge societal prejudices wherever and for whatever reasons they occur, and to help people form a better understanding of those with whom they share their communities.The Human Library offers its patrons to become readers by taking a person out on loan for a conversation on the topic/issue that they represent.

You can visit their website to learn more about this worldwide initiative:

Become a Book Volunteer!

The Human Library creates an exciting opportunity for our MCC community to connect one-on-one with each other to share unique sets of life experiences, stories, and knowledge in order to promote values of tolerance and understanding. Human Books will be checked out by Readers for conversations in the Library to celebrate our differences, break down barriers, encourage new ideas, and strengthen our community. Books are people from all walks of life who have a story to share about any aspect of their identity and experience-- just like you!  

Members of the MCC Community are cordially invited to attend and participate in the event as Readers! 

Listen to MCC's "The Middle C" podcast feature on our upcoming Human Library event!