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Exploring the Metaphysical

Academic Institutions Offering Parapsychology Studies

Parapsychological Academic Research

1. University of Virginia Dept. of Perceptual Studies - survival of consciousness after bodily deathnear-death experiences, and out-of-body experiences.

2. University of Arizona Veritas Laboratory - Gary Schwartz - investigations of mediums.

3. Duke University Rhine Center - explore consciousness and to narrow the gap between science and spirituality.

4. University of California, Santa Barbara Theoretical and Applied NeuroCasuality Laboratory (privately funded research laboratory at the University of California, Santa Barbara.) - Research focuses on the application of psychology and theoretical physics to the study of precognition.

5. Edgar Cayce, Atlantic University - The curriculum covers topics like the nature of reality, integration of body-spirit mind, dream analysis, life after death and consciousness beyond the five senses.

6. The University of Philosophical Research - accredited online organization that offers an undergraduate degree in liberal studies, a Master of Arts in consciousness studies and a Master of Arts in transformational psychology.

7. Spirituality Mind-Body Institute at Teacher’s College Columbia University - first Ivy League graduate program dedicated to merging spirituality and evidence-based research within the context of clinical psychology.

8. University of Edinburgh Koestler Parapsychology Unit - based in the Psychology Department at the University of Edinburgh, teaching and researching parapsychology.

9. University of Northampton - Chris is a Senior Lecturer who teaches on the undergraduate modules PSY3007: Parapsychology and the psychology of anomalous experience, PSY2005: Research methods and data analysis, and PSY2003: Independent practical work and contributes to MSc modules PSYM021: Neuroscience and Consciousness, PSYM029: Spirituality and Health, and PSYM013: Analysing and Reporting Quantitative Research.

10. University of London Goldsmith’s - Anomalistic Psychology attempts to explain paranormal and related beliefs.