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Wellness Guide: Resources for Faculty and Staff

Damato Library and the Wellness Council have worked together to bring you the following selection of self-help resources.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

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CT State community colleges have partnered with the JED Foundation’s JED Campus and JED Campus Fundamentals programs to “assess [our] community’s needs, develop a customized strategic plan to build on existing strengths, and implement tools, strategies, and techniques that lead to measurable improvements in student mental health and a more connected community.”

Be There’s 5 Golden Rules - a simple but actionable framework to support someone struggling with their mental health. Learn to recognize warning signs and how to safely support them to get the help they deserve. “Every situation is different, but you can think of the 5 Golden Rules as a general guide to being there for someone, no matter the circumstances.”

Rule 1: Say what you see – Learn how to break the ice and start a conversation.

Rule 2: Show you care – Learn how to build trust and support someone.

Rule 3: Hear them out – Learn how to be a good listener and balance the conversation.

Rule 4: Know your role – Learn how to set boundaries to protect your relationship and your mental health.

Rule 5: Connect to help – Learn how to help someone access professional and community resources.

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