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MCC International Film Series: Spring /Fall 2007

Titles, descriptions of all films shown in the MCC International Film Series

Who's Camus Anyway?

Who's Camus Anyway? (Japan) - Students from a university in Tokyo are making a film about a student who murders an old lady to experience new feelings. The private lives of the various student filmmakers involved interfere with the preparation of the film and events lead to a tumultuous climax. Japanese. 115 mins.

Carol's Journey

Carol's Journey (Spain) - Carol, a twelve-year-old Spanish-American girl from New York, travels with her mother to Spain in the spring of 1938, at the height of the Spanish Civil War. Separated from her beloved father, Carol arrives at her mother's home village and transforms the secretive family environment. Her innocence and rebellious nature drive her at first, to reject a world that is at once new and foreign. But soon she journeys into adulthood through a friendship with Maruja, the village teacher and a young local boy, Tomiche. Spanish/English. 108 mins.


Watermarks (Israel) - Watermarks is the story of the champion women swimmers of the legendary Jewish sports club, Hakoah. Hakoah was founded in 1909 in response to the notorious Aryan Paragraph which forbade Austrian sports clubs from accepting Jewish athletes. In the 1930's Hakoah's best-known triumphs came from its women swimmers who dominated national competitions in Austria. Sixty-five years later, director Yaron Zilberman meets the members the swimming team and arranges for them to have a reunion in their old swimming pool in Vienna, a journey that evokes memories of youth, femininity, and strengthens lifelong bonds. English/German/Hebrew. 80 mins.


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Peck on the Cheek

Peck on the Cheek (India) - A little girl searches for her biological mother who had abandoned her as a newborn. Amudha, adopted by Thiru and Indira and growing up with the couple's two sons, is blissfully unaware of her parentage, until the couple decides to inform her of it on her ninth birthday. At first shocked into disbelief, Amudha then expresses her determination to seek her biological mother. The search takes the family to strife-torn Sri Lanka, where Amudha comes face-to-face with reality and reconciles herself to it. Tamil/Sinhala. 123 mins.

The Great Match

The Great Match (Spain) - Soccer fans, none of whom have ever met, but who nevertheless have two things in common: first, they all live in the farthest-flung corners of the planet and, second, they are all determined to watch the television broadcast of the 2002 World Cup final between Germany and Brazil. This global comedy features a family of Mongolian nomads, a camel caravan of Tuaregs in the Sahara, and a group of Indios in the Amazon. They all live 300 miles away from the next town and the next television making their task a particularly daunting one. Nevertheless, these inventive people possess the resourcefulness and the willpower to achieve their goal. Spanish/Mongolian/Swahili. 88 mins.

Viva Cuba

Viva Cuba (Cuba) - "Viva Cuba", like Romeo and Juliet, is the friendship between two children threatened by their parents' differences. Malu is from an upper-class family, and her single mother does not want her to play with Jorgito because she thinks his background is coarse and commonplace. Jorgito's mother, a poor socialist proud of her family's social standing, places similar restrictions on her son. What neither woman recognizes is the immense strength of the bond between Malu and Jorgito. When the children learn that Malu's mother is planning to leave Cuba, they decide to travel to the other side of the island to find Malu's father and persuade him not to sign the papers that would allow it. Spanish. 80 mins.

Mother of Mine

Mother of Mine (Finland) - This film reflects on the affect war has on the family. During World War II, more than 70,000 Finnish children were evacuated to neutral Sweden to avoid the conflict. This film tackles that painful patch of history in the tale of nine-year-old Eero, a child who increasingly feels abandoned by his biological Finnish mother and yet not attached to his Swedish surrogate mother. When he is returned to Finland, his confusion intensifies. Finnish/Swedish. 111 mins.

Le Grand Voyage

Le Grand Voyage (France) - This film the story of a young man who lives in the south of France, with a few weeks before his college entrance exams, finds himself obligated to drive his father to Mecca. From the start the journey looks to be difficult as Reda and his father have nothing in common. The cultural and generational gap between the two grows wider as they struggle to communicate. Reda finds it hard to accommodate his father who demands respect for himself and his pilgrimage. But after father and son embark on this road trip from France to Saudi Arabia, their lives are changed forever. French/Arabic. 108 mins.