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MCC International Film Series: Spring 2012

Titles, descriptions of all films shown in the MCC International Film Series

The Help

February 10 – The Help (United States) - Set in Mississippi during the 1960s, Skeeter  Phelan is a southern society girl who returns from college determined to become a writer, but turns her friends' lives -- and a Mississippi town -- upside down when she decides to interview the black women who have spent their lives taking care of prominent southern families. Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Bryce Howard and Octavia Spencer star. Nominated for 2012 Golden Globe Best Motion Picture – Drama. English. 146 mins.

The First Grader

March 9 - The First Grader (United Kingdom/Kenya) - In a small, remote mountain top primary school in the Kenyan bush, hundreds of children are jostling for a chance for the free education newly promised by the Kenyan government. One new applicant is an old Mau Mau veteran in his eighties, who is desperate to learn to read at this late stage of his life. He fought for the liberation of his country and now feels he must have the chance of an education so long denied - even if it means sitting in a classroom alongside six-year-olds. Winner of 2010 Toronto International Film Festival People’s Choice Award. English. 103 mins.

My Afternoons with Margueritte

April 20 – My Afternoons with Margueritte (France) - In a small French town, a nearly illiterate man in his 50's, Germain, considered to be the village idiot by his friends takes a walk to the park one day and happens to sit beside Margueritte, a little old lady who is reading excerpts from her novel aloud. She's articulate, highly intelligent and frail. Germain is lured by Margueritte's passion for life and the magic of literature from which he has always felt excluded. As Margueritte broadens his mind via reading excerpts from her novel, Germain realizes that he is more of an intellectual than he has ever allowed himself to be. Gérard Depardieu stars. French. 82 mins.

Saving Private Perez

May 18 – Saving Private Perez (Mexico) - Julian Perez, Mexico's most notorious leader of organized crime, must embark on a mission given to him by the only authority he respects... his mother. Joined by a colorful band of infamous criminals, Julian must risk his life to fulfill his mother's wish & rescue his brother from the war-ridden bowels of the most treacherous land in the world, IRAQ. Miguel Rodarte stars. Spanish. 105 mins.