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Plagiarism: Resources in the MCC Library: Plagiarism Notice

Books and other materials on plagiarism available in the MCC Library.

Plagiarism Notice

Plagiarism Notice



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What is Plagiarism?



Plagiarism is simply using someone's work and not acknowledging or giving credit to the original author(s).

I am plagiarizing if I:

  • Intentionally duplicate or copy another person's work including copying directly from an article, book, or website
  • Copy another student's assignment(s)
  • Paraphrase another person's work, while making only minor changes and not changing the meaning or ideas presented by the original author(s)
  • Copy sections of another person's work and piece these sections together to create a new whole
  • Turn in an assignment that has been previously submitted for assessment and then take credit for the assignment
  • Turn in an assignment as independent work when the assignment was produced in whole or part in collusion with another student(s), tutor(s), or person(s)


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