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ENG 200 Advanced Composition - P. Sullivan: Additional Sources


Online Tutoring

Manchester Community College students get Free Online Tutoring. This service is completely web-based and is particularly useful for students who cannot take advantage of face to face tutoring services on campus.

Three types of tutorial support are available:

  1. Submit your paper to our Online Writing Lab for suggestions on how to improve your work.
  2. Leave your eQuestions for a tutor's response
  3. Work online, one-on-one, with a LIVE Tutor in eChat.

Subjects include Math (Developmental to Calculus, including Statistics) Accounting, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology), and Information Literacy and Research Methods.

To set up your free account go to and select Manchester CC from the drop-down list under the Northeast eTutoring Consortium.

Instructions for logging in/creating your account (PDF)

eTutoring is sponsored by the Academic Support Center and the Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium.

Support with creating accounts and using eTutoring for the first time is available face to face in the Academic Support Center.


Academic Support Center
Manchester Community College
Great Path, MS #9
Manchester, CT 06040
Phone Number: 860-512-2610

Louie Armstrong - What a Wonderful World

Music and Lyrics courtesy VFRodriguez on

Where Children Sleep by James Mollison

View photographs from around the world taken by James Mollison here

Hubble Space Telescope Picture Gallery

Massive Star VY Canis Majoris - Polarized Light courtesy NASA ESA and R. Humphreys.

View the gallery of photos taken of marvels from deep space by the Hubble Space Telescope at

Hurricane Katrina/Japan's Earthquake-Tsunami

Go here to see image survivors of Hurricane Katrina

Go here to see images of the aftermath of Japan's earthquake & tsunami