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Films on Demand

Embedding a Video

Under the segment clip or the full title, click on the selection "Embed This Video".

Highlight the Embed Code, right click and choose copy. Paste into an "Embedded Media & Widgets" box or integrate video into Blackboard by adding video as a course document.

Make sure you are highlighting the full code when you copy it. To verify this, be sure that the code begins with <div id=emb0000> and ends with </script>. Or in the case of the old embed code, the code begins with <iframe height= and ends with </iframe>.

Link Full Titles or Segments

1.  To link to an entire video. click on the title and then scroll down past the summary and click on the 'Title URL'.

2.  To link to an individual segment, click on the segment and then scroll down past the summary and click on the 'Segment URL'.

Adding a Link to Blackboard

How to Add a Link to Blackboard

You can add a Web Link directly on the course Home Page. If you would like to add a Web Link to a folder, you need to create the folder first and then go to the folder page before adding the link.

1. Before you add a link to your Blackboard Vista course site, you need to first copy the link:

 You navigate to a web site that you would like to add to your course, highlight the Web Address (URL) in the Web Address box and right click on the highlighted address, select Copy. You may use CRTL + C to copy the highlighted web address. You then go to Blackboard course shell.

2. In Build tab, click on Add Content Link button and select Web Link. Click on Create Web Link.

3. Enter a Title for the web link. The title of a web link is what your students see. Right click on the Web Address (URL) box and select Paste. You may use CTRL + V to paste the link. Click on Save button (bottom left).

4. You may preview the web link to make sure the address is correct. Click on Student View tab. Click on the title of the web link you just added.

So the link you place in Blackboard should look like this example:

Additional Tips & Information