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Blackboard - Integrating Library Collections and Services

Learn how to integrate library collections, subject guides, and research assistance into your Blackboard Learn course!

Creating Links to E-Books

Pictures of Kindle e-Readers

The MCC Library provides access to thousands of  e-books from academic publishers that can be integrated in your Blackboard course. Examples for creating links to ebooks are provided below.

EBSCOhost E-books

Here's how you add links to E-books from the EBSCOhost e-book collection.

STEP 1: Search for a title, author or topic and select the one you'd like to add by clicking on the title link. 

STEP 2: Click on "Permalink" 

STEP 3: Copy URL given using CTRL-C


STEP 4: Adding the link to a Blackboard Course

Next, log into Blackboard, select the course, and navigate to the area where the link will be placed.  You can add a link directly on the course menu or to a content folder. If you would like to add a Web Link to a folder, you need to create the folder first and then go to the folder page before adding the link.

From the build content menu, select "Web link".

Example of creating a web link in Blackboard

Enter a Name for the web link. This will be the title of the web link your students see. Right click on the Web Address (URL) box and select "Paste". You may use CTRL + V to paste the link. Fill in the optional fields if you'd like and press the submit button (bottom right).

To preview the web link to make sure the address is correct, make sure "Edit Mode" is set to OFF. Click on the title of the web link you just added.