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MAT 109: Quantitative Literacy: Starting Your Research

This guide desisigned for Math 109, Quantitative Literacy, provides resources to help students with Homework Assignment #3 - Experimental Design.

What is Experimental Design?

Identifying Keywords & Sample Searches

Your search strategy begins by identifying keywords and phrases that define your search topic. Write down these keywords and phrases; you will be typing them into our subscription databases to find scholarly journal articles on your topic.  For the homework assignment in Experimental Design, keywords and phrases that will help you locate articles on experiments include:

  • experiment
  • subjects
  • treatment or treatments
  • explanatory variable
  • response variable
  • lurking variable
  • control group
  • design
  • randomized comparative experiment
  • double-blind
  • matched-pairs
  • block design

These terms can be used alone to retrieve the greatest number of articles on the topic or they can be combined with another subject term to narrow down your research topic.  You can use the connector "AND" to combine subject terms and key phrases and keywords or just type your key phrases in the search box:

  • experiment and subjects
  • experiments and subjects and explanatory variable
  • double blind experiments and design
  • design randomized comparative experiment

Search terms can be very specific and include all disciplines:

  • experiments and cancer research
  • experiments and design and subjects and cancer
  • education and children and experiments
  • Alzheimer's disease and control groups
  • Alzheimer's disease and food and experiments
  • sleep and experiments and design 
  • randomized controlled trials psychology
  • DNA sequencing and experiment
  • coronary artery bypass and treatment
  • breast cancer and vitamin D
  • drug addiction and musicians
  • weight gain and adolescents and treatment

Feel free to explore different possibilities by typing in different subject terms.  There is no right or wrong term to use.  Some articles will be exactly what you are looking for or you may find that some articles identify your search terms but are unrelated to your topic.  If that happens, refine your search and select different keywords.  If you are having difficulty formulating a search strategy please speak with an MCC reference librarian.




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