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Italian for Beginners: Reviews

Reviews of Italian for Beginners

Italian for Beginners - - - Reviews


“Since her mother left, Cat Connelly has been the sensible one. But now that her little sister is married and her own love life has stalled, Cat spontaneously decides to visit Rome and the man she fell for on a summer abroad. Unfortunately, he hasn't held the same torch for her, and Cat is left alone in the Eternal City. Too hurt to look up her mother's family, Cat rents a room from Karina, a quick-tempered local. After a rocky start, Karina and her young son make Cat part of their family, and Marco, a chivalrous stranger, helps Cat rediscover Rome. Cat eventually realizes that true happiness doesn't lie in safe decisions, and this helps her come to terms with her mother's choices. Harmel, author of The Art of French Kissing (2008), can be predictable, but genuine characters and an idyllic setting make this an enjoyable summer tale”.-- Aleksandra Walker - Booklist Review

 “Great book
Spoke to me even though I am at a different stage of life
She's a terrific writer, deserving of notice.” Batya Leidner – Amazon Reviews

“I absolutely loved this book!!! The plot and characters were well done. I laughed and cried as I read the story. My favorite character, Karina, is a hoot and everyone should have a friend like her, in my opinion. I definitely could also relate to Cat on many levels. Reading this book made want to book a ticket to Italy to visit the sites that Cat went to in the story.” Sami I. – Amazon Reviews

“This book is a fluffy summer read. But to someone who loves Italy, Rome especially, it was so much fun to read. I read it before I went to Rome, made some notes, and I used it to help guide me to a few things I would not have encountered. I read it again last night with my pictures in hand, and Google Images. I enjoyed my trip to Italy all over again.” Lovetotravel2012 – Amazon Reviews

“Not bad. This book makes me want to go to Rome even more than I already do. Such beautiful images of the ancient city; I want to see them for myself! Maybe I should become an accountant and lead such a boring life that I don't use any of my vacation days and I have a big enough nest egg to take a whole month of to spend in Rome....It's probably too late for that…” Katie K. – Amazon Reviews

“This vivid, sparkling story is sure to turn your next staycation into a fast-paced and fun Roman holiday.”Alison Pace, author of City Dog

“Italian for Beginners was appealing for many reasons. First, I’ve read all of Kristin Harmel’s previous novels and enjoyed each one and knew that this too would provide that same level of entertainment and enjoyment. I can happily tell you it did, in spades.
It was, however, a bit of a departure from her previous work. I felt the story was more deeply emotional than her other novels…” Michelle from