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RLS 121: Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation Services -- Archambault: Diagnostic Presentations and Paper

Resources for the Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation class available in the MCC library.

Diagnostic Presentations and Paper Guidelines

Diagnostic Presentations and Paper (20%)

To review and explore a variety of disabilities, therapeutic recreation students in pairs will complete a report on a disability assigned by the instructor.  Students will each submit a written paper and present a power point to the class on the assigned due date.  I expect students to contribute equally to the power point.  If this is not the case the instructor needs to be notified immediately.  Dates to be assigned.

Powerpoint should be between 15 and 20 minutes long and include:

1)   Definition and description of the disability/disorder (5pts)

2)   Areas of strength and deficits that may be presented (5pts)

3)   Possible cure/recovery/management of the disability (2pts)

4)   How the disability may affect a person's ability to recreate.  Use the five domains as a guide (5pts)

5)   Possible adaptations/modifications or solutions for leisure involvement (5pts)

6)   The role of the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (3pts)

7)   One slide with the references listed (at least 3 credible sources besides the book) (If this is missing you will not receive a grade of zero for this        section)

Powerpoint will also be graded on the following:

You may score up to two points for each area.

Did you meet the time requirements?

Were you engaging?

Was the presentation creative?

Professional appearance?

Information accurate?


Each of you will submit a paper.  The paper must answer the following questions:

1)   Would you want to work with someone with this diagnosis?  Why or why not? (5pts)

2)   From your research what techniques would you choose to use and why?  Choose at least three (5pts)

3)   What things would you take into consideration when developing their plan? (Anything interesting you may have come across in your research)         (5pts)

4)   Please tell me how you contributed to this presentation.  Did each person contribute equally?

5)   Please cite all of your references.  Failure to cite will result in a 0 for this grading portion.