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EAS 102: Earth Science: Formulating the Research Strategy

Online subject guide for students studying EAS B102, Earth Science.

Formulating the Research Strategy

Your search strategy begins by identifying keywords and phrases that define your search topic. Write down these keywords and phrases; you will be typing them into our subscription databases to find scholarly journal articles on your topic as well as our online catalog to find hard copy and electronic books.

Identify keywords and phrases from your Earth Science Written Assignment.   Terms can be used alone to retrieve the greatest number of articles on your topic or they can be combined with another subject term to narrow down your research topic.  You can use the connector "AND" to combine subject terms and key phrases and keywords or just type your key phrases in the search box. Possible search strategies will look like this:

  • Alfred Wegener and continental drift
  • Arthur Holmes and Plate Tectonic theory
  • Harry Hess  Plate Tectonic theory
  • plate tectonics
  • seafloor spreading
  • ocean circulation
  • plate tectonics geology
  • plate tectonics oceanography
  • plate tectonics meteorology
  • plate tectonics and Mars

 Basic Searching

Conducting a basic search in EBSCO's Science Reference Center will look like this:


 Advanced Searching

Advanced searching allows for greater specificity of results: