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MCC Economic Inequality Initiative: MCC EI Initiatives

Manchester Community College's Economic Inequality CurrentProjects



Current Related Projects:

SGA student planned March events: MCC Unites (G. Plouffe)

LiveWire student newspaper, advisor (S. Davis)

Soup for Bowls (C. Stafford, G. Talaga)

MCC Community Garden and Community Development: (B. Sandy)

Global Issues (Borders/ Delineation/ Marginality/Demarcation: Poverty Line?, Living on the fringe of society, etc.) (B. van Over)

Harlem Renaissance Trip (W. Haynes)

The Big Draw, PoeTree Performance Group and engaging VFA students with community/social awareness (P. Carrigan)

Cardboard City, Habitat for Humanity, MCC-NOLA (L. Hurston)

Habitat for Humanity, MCC (K. Skee)

OASIS and Veterans Affairs program development (T. Odoms)

Common Read (the next selection in Fall 2015 may provide opportunities for larger discussion on social stratification.) (J. Scappaticci)

Viewing of Robert Reich “Inequality for All” and connecting to curriculum (M. O’Connor, Classes involved: Graphic Design I-IV, M. Finley, Sociology, D. Hossain, English, K. Hamilton-Bobrow, English, L. Coleman, English)

Development of web presence for EII at MCC as a collection/container of all the connections that can be made across campus and the larger community: (E. Angry-Smith)

Manchester Community College's Economic Inequality Planned Projects

Planned projects/curriculum development:

Certificate and/or new program development in Communication/Social Innovation Design using deliberative dialogue and design thinking problem solving (O’Connor/Townsend)

Service Learning /Community Engagement (ICEO) looking for ways to involve students in visualizing data to tease out perceptions that may not be true around economic statistics, and collaborate with developing student engagement to Academics. (S. Barzottini)

Engaging students through music and the arts that deal with social and economic inequities through a historical lens.  (D. Simmons)

Looking at health and impact on development (Life Span Development), long-term effects of living in poverty from an early age, (S. Giguere) and involving students in looking at the relationship of economic inequality and the impact on healthcare systems. (D.Sweeny)

Engaging students through poetry and writings on poverty, with group readings and sharing.  Incorporating readings on the issue into class discussions and writing assignments.  Listening to students’ ideas and direction that they want to take while supporting their efforts towards positive social activism/change. (L. Coleman, K. Finnegan, W. Haynes, K. Hamilton-Bobrow)

Involving students in the democratic process and elections. (A. Paterna)

MCC Community Garden, “The Earth Knows My Name,” connecting students at all levels with learning about connecting to the earth, self-sustenance and entrepreneurship through growing food.  Betty Lou Sandy is partnered with Spruce St. community development programs in Manchester, Early childhood education, STARS, CT NOFA and global organic food partnerships. EII has fostered new outreach to MCC Veterans/OASIS with possible program development for Vets. (T. Odoms, B. Sandy)

Building community connections for journalism students, looking at issues of access, how economic inequality impacts access, and looking at the impact of poverty on life and death choices/decision making processes. (S. Davis)

Continuing to develop and strengthen community partnerships with MCC Visual Fine Art students. Bringing programming onto campus such as PoeTree, a live performance group that engages audiences with social activism themes through song, dance and visual art pieces.  (P. Carrigan)

Manchester Community College's Economic Inequality Future Developments

Future developments:

Developing funding sources for goal related projects

Curriculum development/assessment rubrics/Serving on National Blended-Learning Course Curriculum Development Team.(M.O’Connor)

Outreach to various areas of the college including: Minority Student Programs, Political Science, Economics, History, Philosophy, Math, Science, Business, Finance/Entrepreneurship involvement and/or collaboration. (M. Groeneveld and others)

Attending June 4-6 Joint conference:  AASCU/ADP/TDC/NASPA Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Meeting:  (M. O’Connor, G. Plouffe, and possible Communication and English faculty)