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The Beach by Alex Garland: Themes: Adventure Travel Thailand

Manchester Community College Common Read book selection for Fall 2015/Spring 2016

Adventure Travel: Thailand

From: Penguin Readers

Adventure Travel Thailand

In recent years, increasing affluence and a taste for travel have encouraged many young people of all nationalities to take time off between school and university, or university and full-time employment, to explore the world.  Many end up in Thailand, a country famous for its beautiful unspoilt beaches and exotic lifestyle, where living is relatively cheap.  Travellers and backpackers can meet there, share experiences and discover a world quite from that in which they have been brought up.  Free from the restraints of home, young people find it an exciting place to try new experiences and enjoy themselves to the full.  Like Richard, Etienne and Francoise, they are in search of adventure and for some, typical tourist activities such as river-rafting and trekking no longer offer enough excitement to satisfy them.  Futhermore, the popularity of Thailand as a holiday destination has meant that the beaches have become crowded and the resorts touristy.  The community of the beach are trying to find a paradise that has not been spoilt by commercialization.

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