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RDT 295: Radiologic Science Seminar: Research Paper Details

Research Paper Details

Radiologic Science Seminar

Research Paper / Presentation


Paper Details

Research an innovative topic related to radiology (new technology, new procedure, advancement in your field, process improvement, quality assurance controls, etc).  This research can be your own, or a report of the gathered research of others as long as it proves a point you are trying to convey.  You are NOT trying to create a sales-pitch!  You are aiming to create a well-rounded paper that could be published through the ASRT… 



6-8 pages, typed with double spacing (1 Abstract Page + 6 Pages Body minimum, additional charts/pics)

Font no larger than 12

1 inch margins

AMA style for references

ASRT format for publication submission



Title Page (Name and author)

Abstract (95 words that briefly summarizes the article)

6-8 Page Paper (Introduction with objective, Body with case study literature article review, Conclusion)

References (Minimum of 5 published sources within 8 years, maximum of 2 websites, interviews are encouraged but can only count as one of your 5 minimum)




*Reminders:  Sources need to be Numbered and spaced apart on final page.

                       :  Abstract page needs to be labeled “ABSTRACT”

                       :  Draft will be electronically submitted but final paper will be printed.

                       :  ASRT Author Guide (


Presentation Details

                18-20 minute presentation

                Use of visual aids (PPT or charts or radiograph images, etc)(Silent Videos allowed at maximum 3 min)

                Presentation rubrics include one by instructor(s) at 90% and one peer-evaluation at 10%.



“2 and 5” Assignment will be due __________

Outline and To-Date References will be due ____________

  • "Abstract Pending ..."
  • Title/author
  • Intro
  • Case Study
  • 3 content topics with development and analysis
  • "Conclusion Pending..."
  • 5 AMA references

Draft will be due ______ (Graded using final paper rubric points but recorded as a hw category)

Final Paper will be due by ______________ (Rubric included)