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Information Literacy Instruction

Learning outcomes

English 101 – Students will be able to accomplish the following after completing the Information Literacy module found on the English 101 Blackboard site:

 [Information creation as a process and Information has value]

  • Reflect on the need to be information literate in the classroom and beyond
  • Recognize how the commodification of personal information and online interactions affects information received and/or disseminated online

 [Searching as strategic exploration]

  • Identify resources available in the college library
  • Find resources using the library catalog
  • Access databases using the library website
  • Use Wikipedia with discernment

 [Authority is constructed and contextual]

  • Identify currency of information
  • Utilize most authoritative websites
  • Question reputation of information
  • Determine objectivity of information

 [Information has value]

  • Explain why plagiarism is wrong
  • Recognize the two exceptions to citation rules
  • Identify what types of items need to be cited
  • Locate appropriate style guide for formatting citations