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Information Literacy Instruction

Learning outcomes

English 200 – Students will be able to accomplish the following after a library instruction session with an MCC librarian:

  • Use different types of searching language, e.g., controlled vocabulary, keywords, and natural language appropriately [Searching as strategic exploration]
  • Select a manageable research topic  [Searching as strategic exploration]
  • Recognize the information cycle, the progression of media coverage of an event in order to determine the most appropriate resources [Information creation as a process]
  • Differentiate between a peer-reviewed journal and a magazine [Searching as strategic exploration]
  • Recognize participation in an ongoing scholarly conversation [Scholarship as conversation]
  • Choose appropriate database(s) for research topic [Searching as strategic exploration]
  • Demonstrate advanced database searching [Searching as strategic exploration]
  • Locate resources from other libraries via ILL and [Searching as strategic exploration]
  • Format a Works Cited page in accordance with the MLA style guide [Information has value]