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HPE 105: Introduction to Exercise Science Linda Magee: Research Article Review

Find peer-reviewed articles in professional journals as well as books. Online resource guide for students in Linda Magee's Introduction to Exercise Science.

Fitness Fad Evaluation

Research Article Review

The purpose of this article review is to provide students with an opportunity to critically evaluate research regarding the sport leisure management arena.  Each student will write a typed summary of a research study article that should include the items listed below (APA format)

Your article must be from a peer reviewed professional journal

a.  Your paper must explain how your topic relates to an area of Sport and Leisure Management.

b.  Include all major discussion points of the article.

c.  Discuss what interested you in selecting the article and how it might apply to your personal career goals.

Include a copy (not a link) of the article.  You will find these articles and studies in the Health, Medical, Exercise, Psychology, and Nutrition sections of the University Library.  (Ask a librarian to direct you there.)  Articles must be from peer-reviewed journals published within the last five years in the United States, preferably less than 6 pages.

Your paper and the article will be submitted via blackboard.