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EVS 130 - Sustainable Energy & the Environment - J. Lamb

Group Teaching Assignment


Renewable Energy Research Project

This research assignment has you going in depth on a renewable energy source of your choice.  You can choose any of the ones covered or find one of your own but you may need to focus on a specific application.  For example biomass is a large category so you may want to mostly focus on crops or algae, etc.  You can “present” this assignment however you want- feel free to upload a standard research paper, a Powerpoint or Prezi, whatever you choose as long as it contains all of the following listed below. No plagiarizing and make sure it is your work- you cannot just post links to pre-existing videos, but you could reference one, or even make your own video(s).   Make sure you include a list of properly cited peer reviewed resources.  Make sure it CLEARLY addresses the following as this is the list I use to grade as well.  

  • What is the energy source and how does it work?
  • History of how the energy source has been used and how it is currently used (explain application and technology, individual and commercial applications)
  • Environmental assessment of the current uses of the energy source
  • Pros and cons – evaluating economic, social, utility, etc.
  • Potential emerging and future technologies/applications
  • Overall assessment of the energy source as sustainable including what does/does not make it sustainable and why

You must cite at least 4 peer reviewed sources in a proper format.

        Grading: 100 points or 10% of final course grade