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HLT 151: Health & Wellness Promotion -- Linda Magee

Behavior Change Project

Behavior Change Project

This is an opportunity to engage in a personal assessment and set a health and wellness goal.  Focus on one area and then expand, if necessary.


1.  In addition to food intake, record and analyze emotional and/or behavior triggers to eating behavior.

2.  If you are a smoker, record the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day along with emotional and/or behavior triggers that make you want to smoke

3.  Analyze your study habits and time management skills to determine how you could make better use of your time and energy.

This report will be evaluated as follows:

1.  A clearly stated goal, and why you chose this behavior.

2.  Take, and record an assessment to determine your current status.

          a.  How did you know this was an area that needed improvement?  include a survey/assessment that helped you decide on your topic 

3. Graph your current behavior for one week with data collected for setting your personal goal.

4.  Research several different options on how you can improve/maintain this area and then choose the one that is most beneficial to you.  Defend your choice.

          a.  Include some history of the option you have chosen, important facts, etc.  This should be supported through professional journals, peer-reviewed articles, etc.

5.  Set up a 4 week program that is workable for you.  You have been in school for a few weeks, with what you know about your schedule, classes, tests, papers and other assignments put together a REALISTIC program.  This program should be at least for 4 weeks.

          a.  Include copies of any worksheets you design or use for this assignment.

          b.  Include a four-week calendar with details on each day.

6.  Summary, conclusion, and reflections on what you learned from this assignment.

7.  Grammar, spelling, readability

8.  Paper is a minimum of 5 full pages APA format -- the 5 pages does NOT include your cover page, abstract page, graph, survey or reference page

9.  Include a reference list of all materials used.  You should have a minimum of five references for this report.  You may have a maximum of two Internet references.  When building your reference page, be sure you cite all work used, both hard copy and Internet.