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Coffee Prince

A classic! One of the best...a must-see!

Greatest Love

Very much underrated...Cha Seung Won is hilarious. No English subtitles on this one, but easy to figure out.

Marriage Not Dating

Hang Groo was hilarious in of my favorite rom-coms.

Emergency Couple

Oh My Ghostess

Park Bo Young's first kiss scenes in a drama...handled playing two personalities like a champ...

I Am Not A Robot

Thirty But Seventeen

My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Another classic. Daniel Henney's first K-drama...

A Gentleman's Dignity

This was my gateway k-drama!

Lie to Me

Another goodie...

Fated to Love You

Absolutely loved this one! Became a Jang Hyuk fan after this one...

My Girl

An oldie but of Lee Joon Ki's first dramas..

Welcome to Waikiki aka Laughter in Waikiki

This will have you laughing til you cry!

What's Wrong with Secretary Kim