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HPE 105: Introduction to Exercise Science Career Prospectus- Linda Magee

Project: Career Prospectus

Intro to Exercise Science

Project: Career Prospectus

This should be a minimum of a 5 page written project. It is designed to heighten your awareness of careers in health/fitness, inter-collegiate athletics, recreational organizations sport management and non-profit agencies (APA format)

Your assignment is to investigate your dream career and provide detailed information according to the section below.

Section 1: Position/Job Description

Which career would you choose?  What responsibilities are expected?  How do you fit into the organizational chart? (who reports to you, who do you report to)  What types of decisions will you be making?  What type typical job responsibilities, what is on a typical job description?

Section 2: Industry

Provide an analysis of the industry in which you will be working.  What is the current and future prospect for the industry as a whole?  What are the management concerns or challenges in this industry?  Who are the other major organizations in this industry?  What are the forces that influence or affect this industry?

Use these sections as a guide to direct your paper.  You will need to investigate your career by using a variety of different sources.  Please search the internet, use the US Dept of Labor website, and review industry publications for additional information.  You may contact a professional about the career, but that is not to be a significant portion of the paper.  Be sure to correctly site your references.

This project is about a specific CAREER, not a specific AGENCY.