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CJS 101 - Intro to Criminal Justice

This guide will provide MCC students of criminal justice with the best resources for their research.

CJS 101 Intro. to Criminal Justice

CJS* 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice

This course is a survey of the history and philosophy of American justice concepts with the emphasis on present day practical application through the efforts of the law enforcement, court, and correction segments of the criminal justice system.
Prerequisites: Eligibility for ENG* 093.

Current Events Research Assignment

Current Events Research PPT

Due: Week 15 – Tuesday, November 23rd at 11:59 pm (Extensions will not be granted)

The research project is your opportunity to do independent research on a topic of your choice related to issues in criminal justice.  Identify an issue that has piqued your interest over the course of the term.  To complete the assignment, you need to complete the following parts:

Find Articles - Find two (2) articles that provide two (2) different perspectives of the topic that you have selected.   (Use the rubric to make sure that you are meeting the appropriate time frame and information literacy standard). 

Identify Topic - Give a detailed summary of the topic and its relationship to the criminal justice system.  (2 slides)

Identify three (3) Key Issues - Separate out and identify three (3) important issues tied to criminal justice that are found in the articles.  Explain the issues in your own words. (At least 1 slide for each issue)


Apply concepts and theories – Using the textbook to support your opinion, write about why the topic is important to the field of criminal justice (at least 3 slides), the study of criminal justice (at least 3 slides), and to you personally or professionally (at least 1 slide).

Conclusion – Conclude your research by making a statement about whether you believe this will continue to be of importance in future discussions about criminal justice.  Make sure to state the reasons behind your opinion, using the textbook to support your response.  (at least 2 slides)

A minimum of 16 slides (include title slide and reference slide).

Recommended Databases for Researching Criminal Justice Topics