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LinkedIn Learning at MCC

Note to Instructors

The information on this page will be especially useful for MCC instructors who wish to post, share, or assign a course or courses from LinkedIn Learning to students in their courses.

Faculty who would like to use LinkedIn Learning in their courses more formally should contact Debbie Herman. Using the CRN we can create a custom group that allows faculty to recommend courses to students as well as track their progress in completion. 

Special Note

Free access to LinkedIn Learning will be available to MCC students, faculty and staff through the end of the Fall 2020 semester, at which time it will be determined whether MCC continues its subscription. 

Linking to a Single Course

To share a single course, follow these steps:


Log in to your LinkedIn Learning profile. 


Search or browse for the LinkedIn Learning course of interest


Copy the URL from your browser's address bar. BE SURE the URL ends with the syntax "u=91271410".

Example of a direct link to a LinkedIn Learning course



Paste the URL to its destination, but BE SURE to append the syntax "&auth=true" to the END - this will require anyone clicking the link to log with their MCC college email address. 


Linking to Multiple Courses

To share multiple courses, create a Collection:


Log in to your LinkedIn Learning profile


Expand out your personal profile ("Me" menu) and open the Collections tab, then create a new collection


Share the collection with Manchester Community College - copy the link that displays and paste that link to its destination

Screenshot of "Share this collection" tool in LinkedIn Learning