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OpenCSCU is a network of librarians, faculty and instructional designers who support the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) in the CSCU system. Faculty can use this site to find courses, textbooks, get help, or to create OER resources of their own.


MCC's OER Working Group

The OER Working Group of the Library and Academic Technology Committee (LATC) is comprised of MCC faculty and staff who are committed to exploring the benefits of and supporting the adoption of Open Educational Resources and affordable course materials on our campus.  Goals:

  1. To provide a supportive environment and discussion forum for faculty and staff interested pursuing the adoption of Open Educational Resources
  2. To develop strategies and promulgate policies and best practices for the creation, adaptation and adoption of OERs
  3. To recommend and advocate for financial and non-financial incentives to encourage the use of OERs
  4. To sponsor faculty development opportunities in creating, selecting, and adapting OERs.
  5. To assess the benefits and limitations of using OERs in courses taught at MCC.
Please consider joining us! Contact Debbie Herman (860 512-2872) or Tim Boto (860 512-2852) for more information.

Your Wish is GRANTed: Grants for OER

OER program held May 27, 2021 and sponsored by MCC's Center for Teaching and the OER Working Group of the Library & Academic Technology Committee

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OER Learning Modules

Texas Learn OER

Comprised of 7 learning modules, this comprehensive introductory course covers topics such as open licensing, Creative Commons, as well as finding, evaluating  and creating OER.