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PSY 107 - Pathways to Personal Growth: Home

Pathways to Personal Growth


Pathways to Personal Growth - The purpose of this course is twofold: it is to help students develop a deeper understanding of themselves, of others and of human life in general and to promote change and personal growth.

Required text - The Illuminated Life by Abe Arkoff.

Class notebook - In addition to the text, students are required to have a notebook that is solely dedicated to the assignments and exercises for this class.

Personal growth tools - Students are also required to choose on of the following personal growth tools and to use it on a weekly basis:

Journal - Use the journal to do a weekly "check-in" with yourself. Either sit & write for 30 minutes once a week or write for 20 minutes twice a week about how your life is going. Use a "stream-of-consciousness" style, don't worry about spelling, grammar, etc.

Meditation - Try to practice this at least twice a week for 15 minutes each. If you use this tool you will be required to write a 4 to 6 page paper at the end of the semester on your experiences with it.

Dream journal - Keep a journal dedicated to recording your dreams and interpretations. Should have 13 to 14 entries. If not, you may combine the dream journal with the regular journal.

Application paper - Due February 28, 2011. This paper will consist of your word processed responses to the assigned anchor and apply questions and explorations at the end of chapter 2 in the required text.

Integration paper - Due May 16, 2011. This paper will consist of a discussion of the course and the experiences, insights, problems, issues, successes and changes that you experienced as a result of your participation in this class.

Attendance, class participation, and quiz results will also impact your final grade.

*See your class syllabus for full details.

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