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Reporting and Writing News Stories B222 - Internet Reporting Exercise: Home

Resources that will help the Communications student complete the internet reporting exercise.

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A Shriek in the Night (1933)

A man falls to his death from the balcony of his penthouse apartment. Two reporters fighting over the scoop start to uncover a sinister plot.

Director: Albert Ray
Producer: M.H. Hoffman Jr.
Production Company: Allied Pictures Corporation
Audio/Visual: sound, black & white
Language: English
Keywords: murder; reporters; Ginger Rogers; Lyle Talbot

Creative Commons license: Public Domain

Reporting & Writing News Stories B222


Reporting and Writing News Stories

Internet Reporting Exercise


Using Galenet and any other databases mentioned in the library session find the following information. Please type your answers, single spaced, and describe where and how you found each answer. Make your answers as complete as possible. Do not consult classmates or others in the completion of this assignment. And don’t use Google, Yahoo,, Ask Jeeves or any other general search engines!



  1. Find and briefly describe two newspaper or magazine articles written by Elvis Mitchell in the past 10 years.


  1. You’ve been hired to cover the town in which you grew up. (If that’s not in the U.S., then use Manchester as your hometown.) Find the overall population of the town in 2010.


  1. Who killed Rebecca Schaeffer, when, how, why and what impact did her death have on journalists?


  1. When is the last time anyone at the Hartford Courant won a Pulitzer Prize? Who won it and in what category?


  1. It’s November of 2011 and you are shopping at DSW Shoe Warehouse for a Christmas present for your sister. You spy a cute pair of shoes, an open-toed pump with a 3-inch heel. Better than the slutty stilletos your sister usually wears. They have her size and her favorite color, red, so you buy them. She loves them. But so does your best friend.  She wants you to show her where you got them. But when you return to DSW after Christmas, those shoes are gone and there is a sign on the shelf saying the item has been recalled. A shoe recalled? The notice doesn’t say when the recall happened or why. Should you be worried? Find out when the product was recalled and why.


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