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Spanish I & Spanish II

Spanish I & Spanish II

 (Formerly SPAN 108)
An intensive, beginning Spanish course in which two semesters of Spanish (SPA* 111 and SPA* 112) are completed in one semester. Students will develop all four language skills. The emphasis in class will be speaking and listening, the assignments will emphasize reading and writing. Hispanic culture will be studied. No previous Spanish language experience required. Transfer college may not award credit for this course if the student has already completed two or more years of Spanish at the high school level. 


Altar Display/Student Oral Presentation Requirements: El Día de los Muertos in Spanish Speaking Countries

Below are suggestions to what I’ll be looking for your display and in your 5-7 minute student presentation this semester. 

There are two components:

  1. El Día de los Muertos ALTAR.  You’ll create a display (altar) remembering a deceased person.  You can choose someone in your family or a famous person you admire. This part of the project will be due for El Día de los Muertos, which is on November 2.  See details below.
  1. A PowerPoint Presentation on your assigned country and what are their traditions around the Day of the Dead expressed there.  This part of the project will be presented during the last week of classes and before the final exam.  See details below.

Día de los Muertos Display:

  • Use a trifold display poster board or box to create a display for El Día de los Muertos. See picture to get an idea of what you’ll have to do.
  • Research general information about the country assigned to you. (PowerPoint Presentation)
    • Geographical information.
    • Demographics.
    • Cultural information.
    • Traditions.
    • Foods.
    • Political information.
    • Religions.
    • Languages.
    • Include graphics.

PowerPoint Presentation

  • Research how the people of the country assigned to you honor their dead. (
    • What traditions were common with the native inhabitants prior to the arrival of the Europeans?
    • What or which of those traditions have persevered to modern times.
    • The European settlers to attract the Amerindians to join the Christian faith, incorporated what or which of the traditions?
    • What differences exist with the traditional Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead? Are there differences/similarities as to the way the Incas of Perú, the Mapuche of Chile, the Muisca (Chibcha) of Colombia or the Taino of the Caribbean, or the Pueblo communities of the South West in the United States dealt with the afterlife?
    • Include graphics.
  • Aesthetics/Giving credit where it is due!
    • Is your display/PowerPoint Presentation aesthetically pleasing?  Did you spend some time making your project attractive? Or did you throw it all together in 10 minutes before it was due?
    • Do not copy text verbatim. Is your grammar and sentence structure correct?
    • Are you giving credit to the sources where you found the information to create your poster?  Cite your sources.

Class presentation at the end of the semester:

  • You will prepare a 5-7 minute presentation in Spanish to the class on your country and the Day of the Dead topic.
  • You need to create a display and PowerPoint Presentation. Props and visuals are strongly encouraged to boost the creativity portion of these projects.

You must start soon. As you get your display/PowerPoint Presentation ready, make sure that you are thinking of the end of semester class presentation.  The early you start, the better the presentation is going to be.  As always, I am here to help you with the written and spoken language.  Your grade will be a combination of the quality of information, poster/presentation creativity, written and pronunciation.

¡Buena suerte!


What makes a good presentation?

-Spell check

-practice your pronunciation (if you don’t know, ask in advance so you can practice)

-Timing (practice out loud at home to make sure your presentation within the time limit)

-Use lots of props and visuals that you can talk about


-minimal writing (know what you want to say about each slide in your head or note card)

 -talk about the slides, do not just read them, everyone can read

 -put mostly visuals on your slides with only a few key points to remind yourself of what it is about.

-Remember: you have to sit through all of the presentations too so make them as fun and interesting as possible!


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